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1915 - ?

Now there's far more to Talbot House than an English breakfast but.....well, if you're smiling at this, then nothing more needs to be written. 

In 1928, General Sir Herbert Plumer said that in all his experience he has never known a place so vital to morale as Talbot House.

And Talbot House revitalises morale today, but in a different way. A pilgrimage can mean different things to each of us but after a day or two of understanding the cost of war, one can be forgiven for falling into a reflective, perhaps sombre mood. 

The team at Talbot House embrace the spirit of Tubby Clayton in the same way that only a warm cup of tea can revitalise a wearisome traveller.

And be assured that a cup of tea will await you, along with a warm welcome from the team, an awesome museum and a feeling of not being quite ready to leave. If you're lucky, you might get to meet volunteer wardens, Janis and Fran from Australia and they make your arrival more like a home-coming.

As a charity, Talbot House relies on visitors, guests to the guesthouse and membership.

Andy makes no secret that he is proud to be a life member of Talbot House and wishes to share the special atmosphere of this historical house. 

We last visited in - October 2023

More about Talbot House

Simon Louagie at Talbot House, contributed to the Western Front Association YouTube in December 2020. 

Please subscribe to the Western Front Association YouTube channel and give them the credit they deserve. 

Here's part 1 of Simon's brilliant video. 

Video Credit - YouTube, Western Front Association and Talbot House

Tubby Clayton | The Cicerone's view

Making a difference to the lives of others

Tubby Clayton, the esteemed British army chaplain, carved an enduring legacy rooted in compassion and unity during the tumult of the Great War. 

Founding Talbot House, or "Toc H," in 1915, Tubby provided soldiers with a sanctuary fostering camaraderie and solace, transcending societal divides. Tubby's vision of inclusivity and understanding served as a beacon of hope, echoing far beyond the war's end.

Tubby's influence extended beyond his lifetime, catalysing a global movement promoting empathy and social justice. 

Tubby's unwavering commitment to nurturing human connection and solidarity continues to inspire contemporary initiatives aimed at bridging societal gaps. His legacy highlights the transformative potential of compassion, underscoring the enduring power of human resilience amidst adversity.

Today, as the world grapples with so many challenges, Tubby's timeless teachings resonate, emphasising the profound impact of compassion in shaping a more equitable world. 

Commemorating Tubby's life serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring mark one individual can leave on the fabric of history.  While I am not a religious man, I embrace Tubby's unwavering spirit and I find encouragement in his legacy for the notion that service is the rent we pay for our time here on earth.

Did you know?

Talbot House has an online database. Perhaps check if your relative was a visitor?

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